How to see the IP and Mac addresses, and other details of any device

As we know, any device connected to a network has IP and Mac addresses. We can also get additional information. We can identify each device with these addresses. It does not matter if we are using a PC, a tablet or a phone. In this article, we will explain how we can see the IP and Mac addresses of any device. There is a difference between public and private IP addresses.

How to see a device’s IP and Mac addresses

The public IP address is the one our router uses to connect to the internet. In this case, if we want to see our connection’s public IP address, we have to access the router. We can typically do this by entering in the browser. Then we have to type in our credentials.

How to see the IP and Mac addresses in Windows 10

We can easily get this information in Windows 10, which is the most widely used OS. For users with wired connections, like me, we have to go to Settings in the Start menu.

There we have to go to Network & Internet, and then to the Ethernet tab. We will see the network we are connected to and maybe other networks we are currently not connected to. We have to click the one we want and scroll down to see its properties.

We will see the IP and Mac addresses, and information related to the network device.

Users connected via Wi-Fi have to do the same, but the only difference is that they have to go to Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet.

See the IP and Mac addresses in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

The process is different but similar in these Windows versions. We have to go to Control Panel and click Change adapter settings.

We right-click the network we want and click Status. Then we go to Details and we will see all the information, and the IP and Mac addresses.

Also, we can see the information in every Windows version by running Command Prompt and entering ipconfig.

How to see the IP and Mac addresses in Android

In Android, the most widely used mobile OS in the world, we can get this information easily.

The first thing we have to do if go to Settings, Connections and then Wi-Fi (it depends on the OS version). We tap the menu and then Advanced.

We will see the information at the bottom.

How to see the IP and Mac addresses in Linux

As for Linux, we have a couple of ways to do this, although it depends on the distro. The fastest option is to go to network icon in the taskbar. Here we will find an option to see the connection’s status and all the information we need.

We can also use the ipconfig command to see the IP and Max addresses.

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